How To Look After Yourself – Naturally

How many paracetamol do you take a week? Do you take just one tablet? Maybe two? I surprised myself some years ago when I tried to purchase 3 packets of paracetamol at my local chemist and was refused, the limit was two packets. I explained that I did not take more than the recommended dose � I just needed one packet for work, one for home and one for my handbag – I was still refused. I never asked myself why I needed such ready access to paracetamol.
It was a long time before I recognised a pattern that had formed over many many months. I had a severe headache at least once a day and needed at least one if not two paracetamol tablets to keep going through to the end of the day.
There are side effects to simple paracetamol, not many, but taken consistently over time I wondered what damage I had done to my body? Now when I have a headache the first step I take is to have a glass of water and I’ll wait for at least ten minutes before seeking alternative pain relief. Better yet, if I know I’m going into a stressful situation, I put a drop of my Stress Buster aromatherapy oil on to my wrists beforehand to relax myself.
There are many natural, non invasive drug free options as a first line of treatment. Prevention is always better than cure, however if you need a cure and are willing to experiment, why not try an alternative to pharmaceuticals?

Simple Solutions

In the case of an injury the kitchen is a great place to start. Simple everyday items can be used such as ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas when applied to an inflamed area can prevent further swelling. Alternatively a wheat bag kept in the freezer can be used over and over again. Wheat bags are simple cotton bags filled with wheat grains, wheat grains have a unique cellular structure that allows them to absorb a temperature quickly and release it slowly. They are inexpensive and flexible. Also known as wheat warmers they can also be used to treat conditions using heat. Simply heat in the microwave for two minutes and then apply to any muscle pain or ache. For conditions such as back ache, neck pain or even ailments such as arthritis or fibromyalgia a wheat bag is only a treatment, meaning it can relieve pain temporarily, it is not a cure but it may offer the suffer sufficient relief to manage their pain.


Common sense is the key to using alternative remedies well and making them work for you. If you are unsure of why you are not well or what has caused you to feel ill then the first step is to consult a medical professional, once you have received advice you are in a position to make an informed decision about your treatment. Wheat bags or wheat warmers are only one of many options available and there are numerous websites specialising in natural and alternative remedies. Wishing you good health.

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The Art Of Boxing :skills, Drills And Benefits

Boxing is considered by many as the worlds most ancient and most celebrated sports. Boxing had its beginning in ancient Greece when it was considered nothing more than a gentle art of self defense. Boxing has continually been refined and perfected over the ages.

Today professional boxing is recognized as a major sport attracting many sponsorship deals and there is huge money involved making boxers millionaires. Amateur boxing is also not lagging behind, with amateur boxers willing to fight driven by a strong desire to avail the many benefits. Innumerable pay-per-view boxing events are attracting millions of watchers worldwide. Ever since boxing became a global phenomenon, the fitness industry has fully exploited the boxing popularity with training classes for boxing.

In today’s scenario, aspirants will have to undergo rigorous training and practice to reach competition levels. The typical boxing training session stimulates all muscle groups, and provides the perfect combination of aerobic with oxygen exercises and anaerobic without oxygen exercises. The boxers’ workout is designed to get anyone into the best physical shape of their lives. To perfect the basic boxing skills you will have to survive three rounds – each of three minutes’ duration � of actual fighting in a controlled gym-setting. You have to be supremely conditioned and physically strong enough to throw mighty punches from round one lasting up to three.

Attending an established boxing training school provides you with the required physical and mental strength, coordination, both aerobic and anaerobic fitness and powers of endurance. The most important exercises include heavy bag, speed-ball spring-ball and medicine-ball work, skipping, running, weight-training and wind-sprints. Exercises are condensed and combined to form a circuit or performed independently over a longer period. In short, boxing improves ones reflexes, stamina, muscle flexibility, speed and cardiovascular fitness.

A boxing workout of about one-hour generally conforms to the following timetable: Five minutes on warm-up exercise followed by stretching of all major muscle groups; twenty five minutes of sit-ups with medicine ball; ten minutes of skipping five two-minute rounds on heavy bag; three two-minute rounds on the speed-ball; three sets of 15 side laterals; finally five minutes of bike to cool down.

A competent boxer needs a significant amount of confidence more than confrontationist skills. If the boxer needs to protect himself in a self-defense situation, he will be more efficient at finishing things quickly and cleanly due to heightened confidence levels. Seasoned boxers will tell you that boxing is the ultimate sport for countering stress. The combination of strength training and aerobic work provides an excellent feeling of muscular pump and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Please know that hitting the heavy bag for five to six rounds tremendously relieves physical and mental stress. This type of workout enhances the ability to relax and helps one to remain poised under pressure.

As you are aware, boxing allows for a direct confrontation between two persons in a controlled setting. Make sure to get trained in full contact sparring � although it is optional in many boxing classes � as that provides the perfect platform to fine-tune your fundamental boxing skills…

Before engaging in any form of boxing training, you must possess the right equipments for both safety and performance reasons. The equipments you would need are – bag and sparring gloves, wraps, mouth guard, speed-ball, heavy bag, skipping rope, medicine ball and focus mitts.

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Golf Bags – What You Need To Know

Selecting the right golf bag for your equipment, clubs and accessories is very important. Once you have selected the right golf bag for you and your game, you will have more time to focus and concentrate on your game and having fun. You can find a golf bag that is right for you in sporting goods stores as well as online golf shops. Below are some of the differences between the different types of golf bags available.

Golf stand bags are designed to carry during your round of golf. In turn, they are made of lightweight material and have an automatic stands or legs. The stands or legs will release or kick out when set on the ground. This type of a carry bag is much easier to use than a sunday bag. You just set the bag down to the right at your ball and start the process to select your golf club. Golf stand bags are a must for any golfer who walks to enjoy their round.

Golf stand bags have evolved to become highly lightweight, practical, and comfortable to carry. Golf stand bags come in many designs and styles, with premium golf stand bags offering more pockets, functionality and durability than previous carry bags. Before you decide which bag to purchase, try on the bag with equipment in it to make sure it is comfortable for you. Go ahead and adjust the straps as you need them to get a good feel for what the action of the bag will be when walking on the golf course.

Many of these bags have pockets that are placed high on the bag that will hold a water bottle or a cell phone conveniently. Other pockets can be used to keep your rain gear, snacks, medicine, towels, umbrellas or extra clothing. Pockets with lockable zips are essential to hold your wallet and other valuables such as watches and jewelry.

Golf cart bags have a heavier more durable body construction and are designed specifically to ride on a golf cart during a round. Golf cart bags are great for the golfer who prefers to use a golf cart during their round. Golf cart bags are larger golf bags with more compartments for various golf related equipment. Golf cart bags are made of different materials such as leather and nylon. Obviously the leather bag will need more care than the nylon bag to keep it in great looking shape. Some golf cart bags even have separated cylinders for each club. This protects each golf club as well as makes pulling a golf club out of the bag very easy.

Womens golf stand bags are an extremely popular choice thanks to their lightweight and comfortable carrying options. As the name suggests, this type of golf bag is equipped with a stand which folds out to support the bag when you rest it on the ground. Many of these bags can be as light as 2.5 to 3.5 pounds before loaded your golf equipment into the bag.

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