Golf Bags – What You Need To Know

Selecting the right golf bag for your equipment, clubs and accessories is very important. Once you have selected the right golf bag for you and your game, you will have more time to focus and concentrate on your game and having fun. You can find a golf bag that is right for you in sporting goods stores as well as online golf shops. Below are some of the differences between the different types of golf bags available.

Golf stand bags are designed to carry during your round of golf. In turn, they are made of lightweight material and have an automatic stands or legs. The stands or legs will release or kick out when set on the ground. This type of a carry bag is much easier to use than a sunday bag. You just set the bag down to the right at your ball and start the process to select your golf club. Golf stand bags are a must for any golfer who walks to enjoy their round.

Golf stand bags have evolved to become highly lightweight, practical, and comfortable to carry. Golf stand bags come in many designs and styles, with premium golf stand bags offering more pockets, functionality and durability than previous carry bags. Before you decide which bag to purchase, try on the bag with equipment in it to make sure it is comfortable for you. Go ahead and adjust the straps as you need them to get a good feel for what the action of the bag will be when walking on the golf course.

Many of these bags have pockets that are placed high on the bag that will hold a water bottle or a cell phone conveniently. Other pockets can be used to keep your rain gear, snacks, medicine, towels, umbrellas or extra clothing. Pockets with lockable zips are essential to hold your wallet and other valuables such as watches and jewelry.

Golf cart bags have a heavier more durable body construction and are designed specifically to ride on a golf cart during a round. Golf cart bags are great for the golfer who prefers to use a golf cart during their round. Golf cart bags are larger golf bags with more compartments for various golf related equipment. Golf cart bags are made of different materials such as leather and nylon. Obviously the leather bag will need more care than the nylon bag to keep it in great looking shape. Some golf cart bags even have separated cylinders for each club. This protects each golf club as well as makes pulling a golf club out of the bag very easy.

Womens golf stand bags are an extremely popular choice thanks to their lightweight and comfortable carrying options. As the name suggests, this type of golf bag is equipped with a stand which folds out to support the bag when you rest it on the ground. Many of these bags can be as light as 2.5 to 3.5 pounds before loaded your golf equipment into the bag.

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